Investment Banking Career Tips

Investment banking roles are among the most sought after of any careers in the wider field of finance.

The large investment banks have an ongoing cachet that most companies can only aspire to — endowing on their employees an alluring mixture of intellectual prowess and prestige.

But investment banking isn’t just restricted to Wall Street alone. There are now thousands of investment banks of various sizes and niches operating across the United States.

DealRoom deals with dozens of investment banks every year giving it some insight into this industry.

In this article, we look at some of the specifics of…

Following influencers on LinkedIn can be a fantastic way of gaining insights into the world of M&A and finding out what matters from the people at the top end of the market.

We’ve put together a list of 10 M&A influencers that we believe you can benefit from following.

Their rank includes heads of investment banks, a Stern Business School professor of finance, and a few journalists. Follow them all and gain from their wisdom every time you log on.

Top M&A Influencers to Follow

10 of the Most Famous Leveraged Buyouts
10 of the Most Famous Leveraged Buyouts

Leveraged buyouts are often a better idea in theory than in practice: It’s all very well to saddle a company with debt to take it over, the problem is that it also has to operate with that debt on its balance sheet in the years that follow.

Dozens of deals are a testament to the fact that this fine balance isn’t always easy to achieve.

Below, we look at some of the most well-known LBOs in history and find that there are as many successes as failures to report since the first LBO over half a century ago.

The Most Famous Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs) in History

  1. RJR Nabisco…

writing a perfect acquisition proposal
writing a perfect acquisition proposal

Approaching a target company can be a delicate act.

As a general rule, the closer the competition that the target represents to your own company, the more delicate the approach should be.

For this reason, many business owners chose to use an intermediary such as an attorney or an investment banker as a proxy. However, this risks coming off as impersonal at a time when you should be building affinity.

A well-written letter, on the other hand, is likely to achieve everything that an approach by an intermediary will, while also carrying a personal touch that many owners will warm…

By virtue of their very nature, large conglomerates have all conducted M&A at some stage in their past.

Conglomerates are usually defined as a multi-industry company, and they’ve invariably become multi-industry through acquisitions.

Some of the biggest conglomerates in the world are now the companies that come up in everyday conversation: Mars, P&G, Nestle, Philips, General Electric and more. Below, we look at the ten largest acquisitions ever made by conglomerates.

By virtue of their very nature, large conglomerates have all conducted M&A at some stage in their past.

Conglomerates are usually defined as a multi-industry company, and they’ve invariably…

The rise of online platforms which allow people to buy and sell businesses has brought M&A to the doorstep of hundreds of thousands of small business owners.

The fact that profit-generating businesses can now be picked up for less than a million dollars means that deal making is no longer just the realm of blue chip companies: now a small business owner can quickly become a medium-sized business owner through a carefully planned acquisition strategy.

The key phrase here is ‘ carefully planned ‘. …

5 top IPOs of 2021
5 top IPOs of 2021

In economic terms, 2020 will be long remembered as one of the most turbulent of all time. But despite the turbulence, the year was a bumper one where IPOs were concerned. 2020 has seen companies as diverse as data analytics firm Palantir, online mattress retailer Casper, music publishing group Warner Media Group, and software company Snowflake listing. Snowflake was the biggest software IPO of all time.

This rush to make it to market shows no sign of slowing down, either: One of the most hotly anticipated IPOs in years — that of AirBnB — is expected to occur before the…

The sometimes astronomical commissions charged by bankers means that there’s always an incentive to introduce technology to investment banking and the M&A process. Where some see high margins, the entrepreneur sees an opportunity, and increasingly that means bringing technology to the fore. A clear example of this is the numerous banking platforms that already exist, which bring the buy-side together with the sell-side, taking a nominal fee if a deal closes.

The ‘ digital disruption ‘ of investment banking may appear less obvious in investment banking than in other industries (it hasn’t wiped out investment bankers almost entirely in the…

In a previous article on DealRoom, we listed the most anticipated Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of 2021. But not all public listings are high profile.

For example, in the US, there are estimated to be a total of over 5,000 stock indices that cater to everything from small-cap regional firms, many of which you’ll likely never come into contact with, all the way up to the blue-chip companies listing on Nasdaq, NYSE and the Dow Jones.

What’s the attraction?

Well, probably the factor which links all of those companies in their desire to obtain a public listing, is that they…

negotiation tactics
negotiation tactics

Every M&A negotiation strategy is just the sum total of the various tactics used. Having spoken to hundreds of dealmakers using its virtual data room services over the years, DealRoom has been able to glean some valuable insights into the M&A negotiation process and the tactics that the best in the industry employ every time they sit down to negotiate. Below, we share some of those insights, which we hope will be of use to anyone about to undertake M&A negotiations.

M&A Negotiation Tactics

  1. Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail
  2. Bring Empathy to the Table
  3. Price versus Terms
  4. Cool Heads Win Out
  5. Disregard…

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